CFM-GM Attached to Ceiling Grille

  CFM-GM Attached to Return Grille

        CFM-WM Attached to Wall




Airflow1 was started with a very simple curiosity, How do you determine when is it time to change your AC air filter? Over a 3-year period, this curiosity raised numerous questions that were answered in a variety of ways and out of that quest, the patent pending Clogged Filter Monitor (CFM)product line emerged.

In the early 16th century, the Dutch-Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli developed the theory of equations for fluid flow. These equations form the fundamental basis for all of the various configurations that the CFM has underwent over its development lifetime. As the CFM began to take shape, other questions quickly emerged such as, How do you make accurate?,  How do you make it easy to install?, How do you make it cost effective?, What type of sensing is the best?, What type of user alert is the most affective?. The list of additional questions became very long and complex for such a simple curiosity!

As the CFM progressed through its development cycle, simple solutions where found to all of the questions raised making the patent pending CFM product line a low cost, easy to install device that accurately monitors the AC filters differential pressure. The result is that when a filter becomes clogged, the CFM alerts the user with a flashing LED that is easy to see any time of the day.